To Calm & Tranquil Waters

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This is YOUR day.

Annie Evans is a well-known Author, Speaker, & Consultant. She is committed to helping people realize their true passions and purpose, overcoming any obstacle in their way. 

Through her own journey, Annie has developed and continues to use a process that helped her re-train her brain to replace unhealthy subconscious beliefs with positive ones. 

  • Retrain your brain to replace limiting beliefs with positive ones
  • Control "disruptive" feelings and channel them into a healthy outcome
  • Feel more productive & happy in your life, regardless of circumstance 

"Annie has lived an extraordinary life and transcending many obstacles, she seeks to empower others to move past the challenges and become their best selves."

Dr. Greg Reid

Author, Think and Grow Rich series

Forbes & INC Top-Rated Keynote Speaker

"Annie provides strategies and tools that have worked for her that may help you create the life you WANT, and deserve to live."

Sharon Lechter

New York Times Bestseller, Rich Dad Poor Dad

CPA CGMA, Author of Think and Grow Rich for Women

"I want to help you navigate through the storms of life too more calm and tranquil Waters"

I am confident, that with your answers to some of your own questions and with the utensils I offer to help guide you, you can create a path that will make your dreams come true if you focus and believe in them with intention and follow-through on them.

Author, Speaker, Coach and Trainer

Annie and Jack Canfield, Author of Chicken Soup For The Soul